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Sage Health Centre Staff

Sage Health Centre’s dedicated staff offers 24 hour assurance for our clients; our executive director, medical director, clinical director, therapists and counsellors are well versed in abstinence based addictions modalities and concurrent conditions. Our support staff, kitchen staff, maintenance and housing keeping staff have a passion for supporting clients in their addictions recovery.

Additional in house medical services include medical assessment, testing/treatment, clinical massage; clients can access other medical professionals such as psychiatrists, chiropractors and physiotherapists by appointment.

Scott Hildebrand

Executive Director

Scott Hildebrand joined our team in 2017; he has over 15 years of extensive experience in executive management including strategic planning, project management, team building and coaching that provides executive leadership for the continued growth of Sage Health Centre.

Tel 250-374-6551 ext. 110
Fax 250-374-2399


Rob Baker, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Rob Baker is a duly qualified physician licensed to practice medicine in BC since 1980; he is certified by the International Society of Addiction Medicine (I.S.A.M.) as well as the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (C.S.A.M.) and has completed multiple post-graduate training programs in the field of Addiction Medicine.  He is a recognized expert in the field of chemical dependency; he has provided expert testimony in various inquiries and courts of law as well as lectured at numerous addictions related seminars.

Dr. Baker is an active member of the medical staff at the Royal Inland Hospital and is actively involved in his private practice.  He provides addiction related medical services to Sage Health Centre, Phoenix Centre Detox Unit and Kamloops Community Mental Health and Substance Use as well as other agencies.  In his private practice, Dr. Baker conducts Independent Medical Evaluations and administers medical monitoring programs as required by corporations, unions and other professional bodies.

Tel 250-374-6566
Fax 250-828-2992

  • Additional medical services include a resident massage therapist and well as access to psychiatrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists or dentists by appointment if required.

  • Sue Adamson

    Clinical Director

    Sue is a registered member of the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists and has been a passionate advocate for health and wellness for over 25 years.  Her current certifications include CPCA Registered Professional Counsellor, CACCF Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor and International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, JIBC Post-Graduate Complex Trauma Certificate, BCRPA Aquatic Fitness, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Training, Yoga Fitness, AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist, GCNM Nutritional Consultant.

    Sue joined our team 2008; as our clinical director, Sue oversees all facets of the treatment programming and monitors all facets of client treatment planning. As a trauma informed clinical therapist, she specializes in supporting clients in an integrative approach to addictions recovery that incorporates 12-step/SMART recovery concepts as well as western and eastern philosophies that include client focused trauma informed clinical therapy models; mindfulness based relapse prevention techniques such as breath work, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and meditation; nutritional counselling to reduce the craving cycle; increased body awareness through physical activity and yoga; and solution focused life skills coaching.

    For referral, admission and program information contact Sue at:

    Tel 250-374-6551 ext. 114
    Fax 250-374-2399


    John Akins

    Clinical Therapist

    John joined our team in 2013; he began his career in addictions back in the 1970s and has worked in a variety of settings including detoxification units, corrections counselling, out-patient counselling and now in residential treatment.  He is a clinician/therapist specializing in advanced issues in addictions, anger management, grief and loss, complex trauma. counselling as well as intervention work.  He brings a great wealth of trauma informed group and individual counselling experience and knowledge. John specializes in working with clients who are participating in our 42 to 84 day programs as well as our continuing care program.  John is an avid fly fisherman.

    Damien Biggar

    Addictions Counsellor

    Damien joined our team in 2016; he earned his BA degree in Sociology in Vancouver, BC. Damien is experienced in working with clients impacted by mental health and addictions in community-based residential facilities and has a passion for supporting clients in their recovery journey. Damien embraces motivational interviewing techniques in both group and individual counselling as well as step 12/SMART recovery concepts. He enjoys a physically active lifestyle and traveling.

    Mark Scheffelmair

    Addictions Counsellor

    Mark joined our team in 2016; he earned his Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in Alberta. Mark has a previous background in Mental Health and Addictions treatment and experience in working as an adult mental health outreach worker as well as in a youth addiction and mental health treatment program. Mark is well versed in CBT and Motivational interviewing techniques in both group and individual counselling as well as 12 step/SMART recovery concepts. He enjoys a physically active lifestyle.

    Shea-Lyn Ross

    Addictions Counsellor

    Shea-Lyn joined our team in 2018; she earned her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Human Services Diploma in Kamloops, BC. Shea-Lyn has a previous background in Mental Health and Addictions and experience in working as a life skills worker in community based programs as well as a supportive transitional living in recovery program, and adult psychiatry. Shea-Lyn is well versed in advocating from a strengths perspective and has a passion for supporting men and woman in their recovery.

    Allison McGrath

    Clinical Massage

    Allison joined our team in 2018; Allison is a manual therapist who specializes in advanced orthopedic, therapeutic massage, cranio sacral, and lymphatic therapy with a special interest in addiction/ptsd and oncology.

    Gwen Kreps

    Registered Health and Fitness Trainer

    Gwen joined our team in 2014; Gwen is martial arts black belt and Tai Chi instructor as well as a registered personal trainer, weight trainer, yoga instructor, and Zumba instructor. She is an inspiration to all of our clients.

    Michael Lowes

    Clinical Administrator

    Michael joined our team in 2012 after earning a BA Honours degree in psychology in Kamloops. Michael brings with him a strong theoretical background and application of psychological concepts to our team. He has an educational and personal interest in working with diverse populations and prides himself on providing empathic care to the clients of Sage Health Centre.

    Tracey Patterson

    Client Care Coordinator

    Tracey has been with our team since 2005 as she was previously employed at the support recovery facility prior to the inception of Sage in 2010; she oversees our support staff and the daily care of all our clients at Sage Health Centre.

    Carole Poirier and Kelly Davidson

    Lead Support Staff

    Carole jointed our team in 2014, she earned a Residential Care Aid Diploma in Kelowna, BC; Kelly joined our team in 2015, she earned a Bachelor of Social degree in Kamloops. Both of these amazing woman have extensive experience in abstinence based 12 step modalities and bring an extensive practical experience into their daily contact and support for clients during their stay in treatment. From intakes, step reviews to medication dispensing, they are our “go-to” workers and are our client’s first contact point once arriving to the facility.

    Gary, Cherie, Rachel, Kerrie, Victoria, Carla, Jerry. George and Greg

    Support staff and attendants

    Our additional support staff have all earned a minimum two year human services diploma and bring extensive practical experience in providing consistency and compassionate care to clients during the afternoon/evening hours.

    Suzanne Chretien and Lori Gunderson

    Red Seal Chefs

    Suzanne and Lori are both amazing Red Seal Chefs who take pride in preparing healthy meals that our clients rave about. They adhere to the low glycemic index and accommodate dietary requirements for those who have food allergies and intolerance’s as well as cultural and personal preferences such Kosher food or those who practice Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles.

    Ted Morris


    Ted is a trained support worker who takes pride in maintaining Sage Health Centre and is an integral member of our team.

    Shirley, Sarah and Joy


    Shirley, Sarah and Joy work diligently to ensure a room is ready for your client’s arrival and that the facility is maintained and clean seven days a week.

    Ken Wright


    Tel 250-374-6551 ext. 121
    Fax 250-374-2399