An abstinence-based approachOur Program

Sage Health Centre offers exceptional value for an exceptional program. Our treatment approach focuses on stabilization in early recovery by integrating 12 step/SMART recovery program concepts, and psycho-educational strategies and skills sets for relapse prevention and aftercare.

All therapeutic groups, individual counselling sessions, and psycho-educational components are presented from a strengths perspective that motivate clients to define and utilize their existing skills and assets which promotes self efficacy in their recovery process.

Group Participation

While in treatment, clients are integrated into co-ed and gender specific groups that develop an understanding of:

  • Post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Relapse prevention and individual risk identification
  • Aftercare planning and re-integration into home community
  • Identifying recovery related resources in home community
  • Introduction to the 12-Step Community and SMART recovery
  • Completion of steps 1–3 of either A.A. or N.A. (28-day basic program)
  • Completion of Steps 1–5 (42-day standard program)
  • Completion of Steps 1–7 (56-day recommended program)
  • Completion of Steps 1–12 (84-day enhanced program)
  • A positive process of change while identifying roadblocks and resistance
  • Group dynamics: appropriate risk taking and sharing in a group setting
  • Communication styles and skill development
  • Anger management and conflict resolution techniques
  • Boundaries and personal limits
  • Co-dependency and relationships
  • Introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Introduction to motivational interviewing and motivational enhancement
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence
  • Introduction to pro-active, integrative bio-psycho-social-spiritual recovery that incorporates the wellness wheel and strategies such as nutritional awareness, appropriate exercise, stress management and relaxation techniques, mindfulness based relapse prevention and yoga

Individual Counselling Sessions

Clients partake in a minimum of four scheduled counselling sessions during the initial 28 day basic program and minimum weekly scheduled sessions when they transition into 42 to 84 day programs. During the individual sessions, the client’s experience is individualized in order to process core issues and current concerns.

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Community Support Development

Clients develop a foundation to assist in maintaining their recovery through cultivating on-going support in the 12 step program. They are introduced to the 12 step program by attending in-house and off-site community based 12 step meetings as well as on-line 12 step meetings, and are encouraged to acquire a temporary sponsor while in treatment. Clients are supported in developing their local support systems by researching and scheduling 12 step meetings, and connecting with the community resources, and aftercare counselling services that are available in their communities.

Self Care

Clients are required to see our resident physician while participating in the program and receive a membership pass to the YMCA. They are encouraged to be become pro-active about their health and recovery by engaging in physical activities, eating a balanced nutritional diet, and practicing stress management and relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Clients are introduced to daily intentions and reflections, and mindful based relapse prevention techniques that reinforce the principles of the 12 step program in living a present focused recovery “one day at a time”.

Client Responsibilities

Informed Consent: Clients are informed of agency policies and guidelines prior to admission and consent to abide the policies and guidelines while in treatment.

Communal Living: Clients engage in communal living while in treatment and are responsible for the care and upkeep of their personal space and assigned chores that support upkeep of the facility. As taking personal responsibility is paramount in recovery, we encourage clients to take pride and care for themselves and their environment.