Health &Wellness

Addiction is medically recognized chronic, progressive, and relapsing disorder that can be effectively treated maintaining abstinence one day at a time. Addiction parallels all other chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as there is usually a genetic predisposition; they are progressive, chronic and life threatening. Studies have shown that a change in lifestyle is an important component to the treatment of all chronic conditions/diseases.

While in treatment, our client’s overall health and wellness are monitored by our medical director, Dr. Rob Baker and other medical professionals. Additional medical services include a resident massage therapist, access to psychiatrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists or dentists by appointment if required.

Our clinical director, Sue Adamson, is a passionate advocate for health and wellness and specializes in an integrative approach to addictions recovery. She is certified in a variety of modalities including personal training, active rehabilitation exercise, nutrition and yoga.

  • Clients are introduced to the wellness wheel in order to set realistic goals in achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle in their recovery.
  • Clients receive a membership to the YMCA and are encouraged to utilize the facilities and participate in other recreational activities as a group during their free time.
  • Clients participate in relaxation groups that incorporate stress management and relaxation techniques such as breath work, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness based relapse prevention, meditation and yoga.
  • Clients are educated in building a healthy nutritional foundation that assists in reducing the craving cycle by utilizing the Canada’s Food Guide and the glycemic index.

We at Sage believe that empowering our clients though education and counselling, encouraging our clients in developing a foundation in the 12 step/SMART programs and adopting a wellness-oriented lifestyle is the key to successful long term recovery.