Individual Counselling Sessions

Clients partake in a minimum of four scheduled counselling sessions during the initial 28 day basic program and minimum weekly scheduled sessions when they transition to 42 to 84 day programs.  During the individual sessions, the client’s experience is individualized in order to process core issues and current concerns. Additional sessions are at the discretion of the client and counsellor.  The goals of these sessions include:

  • Individualized client care in initial assessment
  • Embracing resistance and motivational enhancement
  • Solution focused, self-empowerment strategies
  • Goal setting and developing a comprehensive after care plan
  • Referral to appropriate professionals or agencies for continued outpatient programming
  • Recommendations for continued recovery and aftercare planning

Family Counselling

Family members are offered support while clients are participating in treatment via telephone or email.  Conference calls are scheduled with the client and family members in order to address any questions, concerns or expectations and establish healthy boundaries prior to discharge.