Sage Health Centre offers an intensive, abstinence based, residential treatment program for persons experiencing drug, alcohol or behavioural/process addictions.

Clients can access 28 to 84 days of residential treatment as well the Sage Health Centre Continuing Care program depending on individual requirements.

Sage Health Centre staff are well versed in providing comprehensive care to addicted patients, including those on a stable Methadone Maintenance program and those that present with co-occurring disorders.  Sage Health Centre does not offer acute detox services; our staff can arrange patient entry into a local detox centre followed by immediate admission into our residential treatment program.


Our telephone intake process reduces paperwork and facilitates timely referrals to detox prior to entering treatment or direct admission into the program.

Referral Checklist
  • Clients are required to abstain from mood altering substance for a minimum of five days prior to intake. Detoxification services prior to treatment can be arranged at no additional charge.
  • Urinalysis screens for the presence of alcohol/drugs are conducted at intake and throughout various points in the program.
  • Methadone maintenance clients are accepted into the program.  Methadone may also be prescribed as an alternative in chronic pain management.
  • Please include pertinent medical or psychiatric/psychological information.
  • Client is not prescribed benzodiazepines or have been tapered off or detoxed from this medication.

For an Independent Medical Evaluation contact:
Medical Director – Dr. Rob Baker — 250-374- 6566