Sage Health Centre is a private abstinence based co-ed residential treatment facility that offers 28 – 84 days of treatment for adults who are struggling with addiction. Our home style facility is located on secluded private property in the heart of Kamloops, BC and is within walking distance of all amenities.

Addiction is a medically recognized, chronic, progressive and relapsing disorder that can be effectively treated through abstinence.

At Sage Health Centre, we believe that supporting clients with developing a foundation in 12-step programs, client education and counselling, along with adopting a wellness oriented lifestyle is the key to successful relapse prevention and long-term recovery.

Our abstinence based residential treatment program offers Individuals, Employee and Family Assistance Programs, and Agency Referrals an affordable alternative to other comparable private residential treatment programs.


The Admissions Process

We are dedicated to supporting employers, EFAP referral agents, family members and individuals in areas such as addressing general inquiries, initial referral screening, scheduling and detoxification.
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Our Treatment Programs

Sage Health Centre offers 28 to 84 days of intensive residential abstinence-based treatment that is presented from a strengths based perspective that motivates clients to define and utilize their existing skills and assets to promote self-efficacy in their recovery process.
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Ongoing Aftercare

We offer a comprehensive outpatient aftercare program that supports clients in developing and maintaining self-efficacy in their recovery. Clients access ongoing professional support that enhances her/his addictions recovery through group and/or individual counselling.
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