What To Bring

Don’t forget the following:

Cash Deposit

A $200 cash refundable deposit or credit card number for prescription medications purchased during your stay, lost keys, damages. Any unused portion of the $200.00 refundable deposit will be returned to you upon completion of the program.

BC Medical / Extended Medical Cards

Your Provincial Care Card and Extended Health Benefits Card for your medical coverage. Check with your benefits provider to determine your coverage.

Prescription Medication

Medications must be in labelled prescriptions bottles and will be approved by our resident physician. New or refilled prescriptions must be purchased through the agency pharmacy. This is for everyone’s safety.

Herbal & Vitamin Supplements

A maximum of 2 herbal or vitamin supplements will be allowed. All medications and herbal preparations must in new sealed containers and be turned in at admission in order to be approved by our resident physician.


Enough tobacco for your initial week of treatment as clients have access to the store once a week.   It may be more than 7 days if you require detox prior to admission. If you are a vape, Please discuss our vaping policy as vape juice is ordered through Sage.


Personal toiletries (tooth brush, shampoo, etc.) Scented items or items containing alcohol (mouth wash, perfumes, aftershave, cologne, etc.) are not permitted. Linens, towels & laundry soap are provided.

Gym Clothes

Comfortable workout clothing and running shoes/sneakers to wear when participating in onsite fitness classes and yoga.

Appropriate Clothing for Weather

Seasonal clothing that is appropriate for a co-ed facility (no tube tops or short shorts or skin or underwear showing when wearing jeans) In the winter, bring boots with good soles as we are located on a hillside.

Mobile Phones

 Your call phone will be signed in when you arrive. You will have daily access to your cell phone at specific times of the day.  Personal lap tops, tablets and e-readers are allowed.

Leave the following at home:

Liquor Branded

Do not bring clothing with alcohol or drug related images on it, or any type of pornography with you.

Please only bring what you can carry home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Any items left at Sage Health Centre will be donated to local thrift stores.