Addictions & RecoveryServices

Sage Health Centre offers an range of services to clients, families and referral agents including:

  • Intervention Services – in person, telephone, on-line
  • Phone assessment, initial screening and referral prior to entering treatment
  • Detox services are scheduled prior to treatment if required at no added cost
  • Complete medical review conducted by our medical team that include additional diagnostics such as lab work, ex-ray, CT scan when required
  • Additional medical treatments such as therapeutic massage therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy when required
  • Complete clinical assessment administered by our clinical counselling team in order to customize treatment programs
  • Individualized treatment plans for 28 to 84 days of treatment
  • Intensive group therapy, unlimited individual counselling including trauma informed therapy and family counselling
  • Introduction to community based support networks
  • Detailed progress reports and discharge summaries
  • Comprehensive continuing care planning including personalized relapse prevention plan and referral to community resources
  • Continuing care in house and virtual group therapy and individual counselling
  • Unlimited access to four virtual weekly alumni  continuing care groups
  • Full range of monitoring services including biological testing

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